Clean + Safe

A vibrant district of entrepreneurs, major employers, smart workers, and diverse residents needs a public realm that works for everybody. To ensure friendly, inviting, clean, and safe streets and public areas, the U District Partnership has initiated and manages an active program that focuses on crime and disorder hotspots, public rights-of-way, young adult support, community services, and partnerships with law enforcement and educational organizations. 


Cleaning the Streets

The largest piece of the UDP's budget goes to keeping our neighborhood clean and safe. Through the use of private contractors and community volunteers the UDP focus on maintaining the streetscapes and building frontages of the neighborhood to support a safe environment. 

A Safe and Welcoming Environment

 The deployment of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles in tandem with affective partnerships between neighborhood service providers, the UW, property and business owners, and the Seattle Police Department have helped to make the U District a more welcoming place.

The Clean and Safe Committee

Committee Members, meeting notes and information.


Economic Development

Create a vibrant and attractive business district where a mix of startup tech companies can be incubated, and small independent business owners can flourish. Elements include business attraction, retail and small business growth, alley activation, and business development. Do this through market research, real estate and business inventories, catalytic development opportunities, and business education. 


Property Inventory

Data on the composition of the U District's built environment including; available commercial listings, analysis of the residential rental market, property ownership and characteristics.


Business Recruitment & Small Business Services

Unique local businesses are the strength of the business district, preserving and supporting our existing businesses is core to our mission. To support our existing businesses and the over all health of the commercial area the UDP is actively engaged in the curation of our commercial retail mix. In this section you will find  information on demographics, businesses, and market area. 


The Economic Development Committee

Committee Members, meetings notes and information.

Events & Marketing

Achieving the U District’s vision for innovative entrepreneurs, major employers, and diverse residents requires positioning the District in the minds of potential investors as an ideal place for these activities. This means a strategic branding and communications effort that goes beyond street level retail activities to audiences far beyond students and others who are already in the District. 

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U District Streetfair

This year the UDP will proudly host the 50th annual U District StreetFair May 18 and 19, 2019.


Promote Unique local businesses

Meet with businesses individually or in groups to engage and solicit their needs for expansion and retention. Market the U District as a Transportation/Transit Hub. Convene a transportation task force with UW representatives, district residents, businesses, the City, METRO, Sound Transit, and others. Assemble existing transportation plans and studies. Develop recommendations for possible wayfinding tools, on-line links, and other tools to exploit the U District’s competitive advantage as a transportation hub. 

Events & Marketing Committee

Maintain and further the U District's branding strategy with graphics, messaging, collateral materials, press notices, and other information. Information on committee members, meeting notes and etc. 

Urban Design


Development & Zoning tracking

The UDP maintains an going relationship with the City of Seattle's Office of Planning and Community Development, while tracking construction and City policies affecting our built environment


Urban Design Committee

As the stewards of the built environment in a rapidly changing city and neighborhood, the Urban Design Committee is hard at work. committee members, meeting notes, and information.