U District Demographics

Key demographics showing how the U District compares to the rest of Seattle and the surrounding area.

The U District Retail Market is Bigger than the Numbers

A considerable portion of the U District retail market is comprised of students. A quick comparison of the numbers shows U District Per Capita is considerably less than the surrounding areas. This makes sense, students generally don’t have high personal income. However, student retail spending reflects not only personal income but also family support plus loans and grants. So in reality, there is a much larger retail market than the demographic data suggests. For more information on the true U District Retail Market, contact economicdevelopment@udistrictpartnership.org.

The market is just one of the many reasons to open a business in the U District.

For information on how the U District market is growing, check out the U District Retail Market Outlook.

For more information on the U District, visit the Business Resource Center.

Communication Builds Community: If you are a business operator or property owner in the U District and haven’t sent us your contact information in 2018-19, please update it today.