Events & Marketing

Achieving the U District’s vision for innovative entrepreneurs, major employers, and diverse residents requires positioning the District in the minds of potential investors as an ideal place for these activities. This means a strategic branding and communications effort that goes beyond street level retail activities to audiences far beyond students and others who are already in the District. 

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U District Streetfair

This year the UDP will proudly host the 50th annual U District StreetFair May 18 and 19, 2019.


Promote Unique local businesses

Read about unique U District businesses here. We meet with businesses to engage and solicit their needs for expansion and retention. We market the U District as a Transportation/Transit Hub and work with UW representatives, district residents, businesses, the City, METRO, Sound Transit, and others. We assemble existing transportation plans and develop recommendations for wayfinding tools, on-line links, and other tools to exploit the U District’s competitive advantage as a transportation hub. 

Events & Marketing Committee

The committee focuses on the U District's branding strategy with graphics, messaging, collateral materials, press releases, and other information.