Forrest-Pruzan Creative Designs Games in the University District

by Jennifer Astion

Forrest-Pruzan Creative is an award-winning tabletop board game design studio based in the U District. In offices above Scarecrow Video, designers create games with rich themes and blockbuster licenses such as Disney, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Bob Ross. In a market saturated with apps and video games, “Board games are trending up. Millennials want experiences with friends and family,” explains Jessica Aceti, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing.
A unique part of their work is play testing games. Members of the public volunteer to try out new games at Forrest-Pruzan’s office. “Depending on the game, playtesters start as young as three years old. Young children usually come in with a friend so it is like a play date.” Interested in play testing? Sign up on their website.
Partner Alan Pruzan explains why they moved their business to the U District. “We chose our current location because we were in a position to purchase the building, keep Scarecrow Video as a tenant, and preserve some of the historical significance of the site. We wanted to be in Seattle, within walking distance of restaurants and shopping, and close to freeways and transport hubs for our employees and our playtesters.” Aceti reports that employees are happy with the great lunch options in the U District. “Two of our favorites are Amazing Thai and Xi’an Noodles.”

by Eliot Mueting