REACH Mental Health Outreach Program Launches in the U District

The U District Business Improvement Area (UDBIA) and U District Partnership (UDP) are excited to announce the launch of our new contract with Evergreen Treatment Services to bring their successful REACH mental health outreach program to the U District. Starting on March 18th, REACH will provide a full time Outreach Care Coordinator dedicated to building relationships with members of our community suffering from various forms of mental illness and connecting them with the care and services they so desperately need. Bringing this program to our neighborhood is a critical and important step towards addressing the regional mental health crisis. To read our full announcement go here.

"The REACH program will provide a critical wrap around community service that provides much more than a Band-Aid to our ongoing mental health crisis.  It is a proven, effective program that provides Seattleites who are struggling with long-term solutions and pathways to medical care, housing and job opportunities." - Maureen Ewing, Executive Director of the University Heights Center and UDBIA Chairperson