UDP Organizational Structure


The U District Partnership is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization governed by a Board of Directors. In its articles of incorporation the UDP has mandated that the Board have a broad representation from throughout the District including, two property owners, two business owners, two residents, one social service provider, one business tenant, up to four "at-large" representatives in the District, and four UW representatives. The UDP Board meets on a monthly basis and is governed by bylaws to over see the work plan of UDP staff and address issues arising in the neighborhood.

The U District Partnership is funded through the use of a Business Improvement Area (BIA). BIAs are self taxing mechanisms enabled by Washington State Law. The U District BIA was expanded in early 2014 to include a larger swath of the U District Community, the official city ordinance was passed in April 2015. The BIA has its own Ratepayer's Advisory Board who contracts with the U District Partnership to execute a Strategic Plan. The U District BIA has a tiered assessment structure, every property owner inside the BIA boundaries pay a base rate of $0.25 for every $1,000 of Total Taxable Value into the General BIA Fund, additional if a property is located within one of two cleaning areas there is an additional fee based on the total Lot Area of the property. The Ratepayers Advisory Board meets on a quarterly basis. The BIA Budget can be found here.



Sally Clark: UW Director of Regional and Community Relations; Co-Chair
Miles Richardson
: Audi Seattle;  Co-Chair

Andrew McMasters: Jet City Improv Director; Outgoing Chair

Barbara Quinn: Resident; Secretary; UHCC Board; 

Alfred Shiga: Shiga’s Imports Owner; Treasurer

Rebecca Barnes: UW University Architect – Campus & Capital Planning 

Doug Campbell: Bulldog News Owner; Business Tenant

Cory Crocker: Resident & Business Owner; U District Square

Kristine Scott: ROOTS;

Theresa Doherty:  Senior Project Director, Campus Master Plan & U District Collaborations, UW Planning & Management

Jeanette Henderson: UW Director of Real Estate

Lois Ko: Sweet Alchemy Owner; Business Tenant

Louise Little: University Book Store CEO

Rob Lubin: UW Associate Director of Facilities & Capital Planning, Housing & Food Services

Don Schulze: Shultzy’s Owner

Patricia Simpson: Pastor University Temple United Methodist

Roger Wagoner: Resident; UHCC




Elizabeth McCoury
President & CEO

From Virginia Elizabeth joined the U District Community in late 2014. As President & CEO of the UDP, Elizabeth McCoury is responsible for executing the community's vision and Strategic Plan.



Marcus Johnson
Clean & Safe

Marcus joined the UDP team in November of 2015, as the director of the Clean and Safe program, the neighborhood has been steadily improving every day since.



Chase Landrey
Community Engagement

Chase joined the UDP team in April of 2017, as the Community Engagement Coordinator. Having been involved in the U District for the last decade, Chase is excited to do all he can to grow and strengthen the already great community in the local neighborhood.