The U District Partnership (UDP) serves all who work in, live in, and visit the U District by fostering and sustaining a vibrant, diverse, and healthy neighborhood for the common good. 


Committees + Approach

The U District Partnership's work is organized into four working committees, each with principles, goals, strategies, and opportunities for partnership guided by our Strategic Plan. The four committees are: 


Create a vibrant and attractive business district where a mix of startup tech companies can be incubated, and small independent business owners can flourish. Elements include business attraction, retail and small business growth, alley activation, and business development. Do this through market research, real estate and business inventories, catalytic development opportunities, and business education. 



Position the District in the minds of potential investors as an ideal place for innovative and diverse activities. This means a strategic branding and communications effort that goes beyond street level retail activities to audiences far beyond students and others who are already in the District. A key aspect of this strategy will be to distinguish between the district’s already successful calendar of events and promotions and higher level branding aimed at potential investors.

CLEAN + Safe

Steward a public realm that works for everybody. To ensure friendly, inviting, clean, and safe streets and public areas, initiate and manage an active program that focuses on crime and disorder hotspots, public rights-of-way, young adult support, community services, and partnerships with law enforcement and educational organizations. 

Urban Design

Manage a physical environment that supports the U District’s vision as a vibrant place for creative and eclectic activity. Elements include density, urban form, housing, public space, multi-modal transportation, and human services. Achieve this through design and development standards, zoning, coordination with transit agencies, advocacy and incentives, public and private investment.