one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in a rapidly growing city...

New Development is defined by projects under construction or completed within the last year. This new construction will result in an increase from 7,356 to 9,173 total housing units, a growth of 25%. 

The majority of these new units are being constructed in mixed use five floors of residential over ground floor retail spaces. As a result of this the U District is set to add over 203,000 new commercial square footage, an increase of 7%.

U District Station is currently under construction and expected to handle over 30,000 daily boardings. Sound Transit’s North Link extension is set to open for operation in 2021 and will link the U District to Northgate Mall, Downtown Seattle, Sea Tac Airport, and all the places in between. The addition of this station in conjunction with the Rezone proposal for U District currently awaiting council approval, which could allow buildings up to 320 ft in height, sets the stage for increased development in the area.


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Proposed Rezone 10/17/2016